Friday, September 10, 2010

Realty or Reality?

Since I am moving the the Portland area and I am totally immersed in searching for a house and studio I thought this appropriate for my first drawing.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

News and Updates

The Summer 2007 UWL-print alumni show is coming up. Please get your submissions to me by August 15.

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Signed Up Already:
Katherine the Great
Joel "Sparkey" Starkey
Aaron Farb


If you didn't get a chance check out the online exhibit that Joel and his groupie print-lovers set up with the University of Albany head by Brian Lynch (another flawed friend).

While graduate printmaking students at Iowa, Brian Lynch and Joel Elgin, took a course in the Art Museum/ Gallery Theory and Practice. The Prof, who flunked them both had no clue that the future would allow for internet based exhibits. This exhibition brings together Elgin's students from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse and Lynch's students from the University at Albany . We encourage the students from both institutions to comment on each other's images in order to create a dialog from the East to the Midwest. We encourage any reader/viewer who wishes further information on the exhibit or programs to comment under this post to LynchBaby or Beloved Prof Joel.

For further information on... Lynch please go to:

Beloved Prof Joel:

Please visit the UWL Printfever blog to connect with current printmaking activity and to see the prints of UWL alumni:

*Special thanks to BlogBitch Becca for her hours spent collecting and posting images.



Dawn Demaske has birthed a blog click below:


Bonnie has just submitted some of her recent work that she is creating at New Mexico State University in the MFA program.


Lost Hansen Brother (Lusty) has birthed a blog and on show are some of his prints from his trip to Barga, Italy.


Congratulations to Katherine (the great) for getting hired at Hui Press to help print artists editions.


Congratulations to Ben for his exhibition at Xen Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri.
Benjamin Stern - Topologies
Xen Gallery Opening
Friday / July 28th / 5:30-8:30 / Artist's Reception
Euclid McPherson Gallery Walk
Exhibition from July 28 - Sept 3

This body of work explores the landscape through the events that have occurred there. These topological studies are achieved by constructing a framework over the site and photographing in a detailed grid pattern. A passing of time is evident as the hundreds of photographs are fused into a single image as the finished piece.
Some of these photographs by Benjamin Stern will be seen in the upcoming movie "Bill" which is currently being shot in Saint Louis, Missouri starring Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba.


Congratulations to Sara Piper (Viper) for getting into Marywood University, in Scranton Pennsylvania for her MFA!!!

Congratulations to the Lost Hansen Brother (Lusty) for getting into New Mexico State with Bon Bon for his MFA!!!


PrintBeast (Viper)has birthed a blog.

Mary has birthed a blog.

Nels Johnson has birthed a blog.

Mary Haskins has
submitted her wonderful
work. Mary is currrently at
UW-L finishing off
her degree.
Good Luck, Mary

Kimmy Valentine,
Joel, and
Mandy have all birthed
their own blogs.
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Alumini newsletter

The printmaking shop in the Center for the Arts is a popular homecoming spot for alumni of the program. “The result is the development of a printmaking alumni network that is strong and supportive,” explains Professor Joel Elgin. “Alumni help each other and strive to become mentors to our current printmakers.” Two who recently returned were Eric Hansen, ’04, left inset photo, and Misha Welch, ’03 (pictured with Elgin, right). Student Lucas Heineman (on the press) plans to graduate next year.

The printmaking area of the university’s art department is growing and finding much success.Twelve of our graduates have recently received, or are currently earning, the master of fine arts degree at prestigious graduate institutions in this country and in Europe,” says Professor Joel Elgin. In addition, Elgin says students are exhibiting their work throughout the country, most recently at the University of Miami. One reason for the success is an international component. Elgin has taken dozens of students to Ireland where the printmakers prosper from the experience. This summer, he has arranged for 12 printmaking students to study at the International Studio for Color Etching in Barga, Italy. It’s an opportunity for students planning to pursue graduate-degree printmaking programs. Elgin says graduates return to campus to visit, trade stories and check in on the print shop. When courses are in session, they bring back graduate work and speak to current students. “The result is the development of a printmaking alumni network that is strong and supportive,” explains Elgin. “Alumni help each other and strive to become mentors to our current printmakers.” Current students are sending prints to Matt Raboin, ’02, who is in the Peace Corps in Tansania. Raboin is giving the artwork to village families. Elgin, who has taught at Ivy League colleges, says his current students rank above many of his earlier students. “The students at UW-L are a truly extraordinary group,” he notes.